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Brew House all-grain beer kits consist of a 15 L bag of wort (unfermented beer), a small package of sodium bicarbonate pH buffer, a neutral fermenting Coopers yeast sachet, and a 200 g package of dextrose (corn sugar) for priming. These kits are marketed to make basic versions of different beer styles (e.g., blonde ale, stout, light lager).

These are great kits, but just like all forms of cooking and food preparation the kits can be improved & modified by the addition of fresh ingredients. Using the kit as a base, many style varieties can be accomplished by manipulating the original gravity, yeast, water, steeping specialty grains, or adding hop pellets (dry-hopping). 

For example, at least 8 different styles can be produced from just the Munich Dark Lager kit: American brown ale, American amber ale, northern English brown ale, robust porter, dry stout, sweet stout, bock and dopplebock.

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