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Our professionally designed small batch brewing and wine making equipment is ideal for the home brewer since 1997. Remember, "Quality Counts." Our equipment is also used by research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies including a major brewery and well-known winery. Sterilization counts for these folks. The material of choice is high density polyethylene plastic. It is molded to a thickness of 5/16 inches and it is safe, easy to clean and sterilize. Sizes range from 6.5 to 101 gallons plus mash tuns sized 6.5 and 15 gallons. Why buy stainless steel at three times the price? Why take the risk of scratches, scouring, or even dirt film, which can mean iron oxide exposure and metallic flavors in your beer, unless it is properly re-passivated using nasty chemicals or prolonged oxygen contact? If distillation is your forte, it is recommended you make top quality beer first. Remember, “You can’t buy what you can brew."™

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